Monday, May 23, 2011

"You Could Learn A Lot From A Blog" - Guest Blogger Series

Happy Monday!  We had a such a great weekend.  My sweet boy turned 7 (yikes!), and we celebrated with a Star Wars themed laser tag partay!  The force was most definitely with us.  I promise to post a little party wrap-up, but first let me announce my FIRST EVER guest blogger series!!!!  AHHHH - I'm so excited!

With the school year coming to end I'm always amazed at how much my children have learned in a year.  I realize that while I'm no longer a student I'm still learning new things all the time.  More specifically I feel that I've learned so much since I started reading blogs and even more since I started one of my own. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to ask some of my favorite bloggers to reflect on what they've learned from blog land, and so the "You Could Learn A Lot From A Blog" series was born!  I'm so grateful to my guest bloggers for taking the time to participate in this series!  So to kick us off I'd like to introduce you to Michelle from Ten June!  I just love her and her blog!  Her style, sense of humor, and taste in music ;) are impeccable!  Take it away Michelle!  

Hi friends! I'm Michelle from Ten June. I'm sure you know this, but Carmel is one of the sweetest bloggers out there. She found a place on my blog roll after I fell in love with her dining room makeover and it's been a great friendship ever since!!
(Awww, she's the sweet one - thanks Michelle!) 

Today, I'm sharing with all of you what I've learned from the blog world, or "Blog Land" as I affectionately call it ; ) I actually want to share two things I have learned from Blog Land. I have to be kind of sappy to start- the number one thing I have learned from blogging is kindness. The positive vibe that I receive and see between other bloggers honestly amazes me each and every day. No matter what the project is or what the post is, you can be sure that someone out there will have something to say and it will be kind. You don't find that kind of love and support everywhere! Blogging is the best : )

But enough of the sappy stuff. The second incredible thing that I have learned from blogs is how to shop on Etsy! While I had heard of the website before blogging, I had no clue how many amazing things could be found on the website. Just one quick click and you can have an incredible handmade shop at your fingertips!

After reading others blogs and seeing their beautiful Etsy finds (jewelry, home decor, etc.), I have just fallen in love with the website! My favorite things to buy on Etsy are art prints- there are so many beautiful prints out there! 

In fact, I've got an Etsy print on my master bedroom wall from this shop. I framed the print in fabric and paired it with a DIY print... it's my favorite wall in our home!

So my husband and our checking account can thank all of you... from blogging, I have learned Etsy shopping!! 

Thanks so much for having me, Carmel! 

Thanks for sharing what you've learned Michelle!   You are most definitely a part of what makes the blogging community a kind place!  Isn't her master bedroom gorgeous?!  Come back tomorrow to find out what Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs has learned from a blog! 


  1. What a great feature and Michelle's blog is great - thanks for featuring. Her *kindness* thoughts were really sweet and it is so true - there is so much kindness and support in the blogging world.

  2. Thanks so much for having me today, Carmel! : )

  3. Michelle, I'm excited to check out your blog. I agree that bloggers are so sweet and willing to help and support eachother. Etsy is my go to spot for art too!

  4. Such a fun thing she has learned. Etsy is amazing!! I always find myself looking for fun new prints (: Love my girl Michelle! And you, too, Carmel xoxo

  5. Fun series Carmel, it is amazing how much you learn when you start blogging. I think Michelle hit it on the head when she mentioned kindness.

  6. two of my fave bloggers in one place today- what an awesome treat! i love michelle and hergreat !taste in design, music, movies, and homor!
    and carmel, you are a more recent friend, but one of the sweetest! i am enjoying our friendships!

  7. So fun! I learned about Etsy from blogland too...and now I'm addicted!!!

  8. I love it! Two of my favorite ladies sharing the love....nothing better!

  9. Michelle really is super cute and I'm kind of obsessing over those fabulous pillows on her bed! (c: And Etsy is definitely my favorite addiction...I already clicked on those gorgeous necklaces and I'm scheming how to get one here in time for my birthday....(c:


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