Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Hizzy Got Some New Shoes

If tires are referred to as shoes on a car then in my mind floors are the shoes of a house or in this case a hizzy.  Because I'm gettin' all gangsta on you today :)  As promised in yesterday's post here's a look at the new shoes in the office/ man cave.

Here's the before.

Here's the after.

Holla!  I love them!  Best. New. Shoes. Ever!

I love this view from the entry foyer.

I love the way the wood tones look against these dark floors. 

Here's one of the other little plants I planted in glass containers.  I replaced the orchid because it died :( 

I hope this little guy makes it through the summer at least. 

Ok, back on subject  - new shoes - I mean floors - I mean the hizzy's new shoes.  Here's a peek of the entry foyer. 
This chair is a fairly recent thrift store find! 
***Update - this chair looks like this now.  Read all the deets here


For all the deets on the brand of bamboo floors we chose check here.  Our floors are Strand Woven Tiger Stained Qing Spider by MorningStar Bamboo Flooring (to get all technical on you).  They look solid black or like a dark dark dark espresso color at a glance from afar, but when you get closer you see this. 

Speaking of new shoes......

Marshalls did right by me :)  New shoes never disappoint do they?!  

My hubs office now looks like this.  Check here for all the deets. 

                            built in floor to ceiling bookcases

Want to know how I keep our dark wood floors clean? 

cleaning dark wood floors

Read all about it here

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  1. Your floors look GORGEOUS! :) Cute shoes too!

  2. Those floors are absolutely breath taking. I love them! And I love those shoes. If I weren't 6 months pregnant, I would feel the need for a pair just like them right now. :o)

  3. Your floors look gorgeous!! What a difference it makes in the room! And I love bamboo! Ah, and the color.. great choice!

  4. I am IN LOVE!! With your floors and your shoes.... both of which would not survive 5 minutes in our house. Think lower ceilings, smallish rooms... and I would break an ankle in two seconds flat. Yeah I'm one of those granola girls who loves her birkenstocks partly because for years it was those or old lady shoes which orthodics (and I was in my late 20's to early 30's) when I wasn't wearing combat boots. Seriously! I was a flier in the USAF so my "work" shoes were flight boots.

    But once again I do love your shoes and your floors!

  5. The floors look incredible! What a finish to such a great room. It made a huge difference;)

  6. Thanks so much everyone- we are beyond thrilled with the results!

  7. Beautiful floors! And those pink pumps are fab!

  8. Your floors look GORGEOUS Carmel!! I know you are thrilled with them. Yay for new flooring!!

  9. Your floors look great! I love the easy plant project too! Gotta do that this Spring.
    Enjoy your day

  10. I love the floors...but that office is remarkable! That desk.....

  11. I love the new shoes...Great transformation...:) Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...It is so nice to find your blog...

  12. I really love this place. The tables, chairs and the centerpiece. Really like the design of the mirror.

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